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Android 7.1.2 Porting on Magik2 Board based on I.MX6 Processor

The Android operating system (OS) for embedded devices such as mobile phones, medical appliances, HMI (Human Machine Interface) devices, Industrial control panels and security systems have become very popular in the recent days. The ARM processors belong to the family of reduced instruction set architecture, which can be customized for various embedded platforms. Some of its features include high speed, low power consumption, high performance and a very good memory management. In order to achieve the efficient use of Android and the ARM processor, porting of Android OS on to ARM based processor is required. The main idea of this project is to port Android 7.1.2 (Nougat) over Linux kernel 4.9.17 on the i.MX6 processor based hardware platform. The MAGIK2 (Media Accelerated Graphical Innovation kit) is used for porting Android OS which is based on i.MX6 quad core processor. Keywords - MAGIK2, Q7 module, i.MX6 Processor, Customization, Compile, Flash, Boot