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Human-Machine Interface for Security Access Control System using Raspberry PI

This paper presents a system which uses an HMI based access control system. There is need to provide the security check at the entrance for permitting only the authorized personnel in big buildings, apartments and big industries. The project system mainly for designing of an HMI where the application used in the security access control system in the company to restrict unauthorized access and to reduce theft. Majorly the HMI’s are being used to create an end user interface for its ease of operations to provide an automation. The aim of the project is to build a human-machine interface for security access control system with RFID authentication process. In a proposed system, the creation of human-machine interface consists of designing different forms of GUI using PyQt5.0 required for an application and code generation for each form by python programming language later integration of each form to make one complete application is required. It would provide complete automation of security access control system in a company by storing employee details based on which authentication is tested. In the RFID authentication system, radio frequency identification technology is used through which an access to a company is provided to all the employees. In an inexpensive solution for RFID based application EM-18, RFID reader is used. It operates at 125 KHz so that it can be also called as low-frequency RFID reader and passive RFID tags provided to all the employees of a company. When an employee scanned their passive RFID tag at the EM-18 reader in the range of 6-10cm, if RFID ID matches and verified exactly with the stored ID, it would grant an access to an authorized person and displayed on HMI, if an unauthorized person tries to access, it denied the access, buzzer beeps. Keywords - HMI, RFID, GUI