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ICT Tools and Service Delivery: A Case of Nepalese Civil Service

The Government of Nepal has been gradually transforming its mode of service delivery from traditional to information and communication technology based to enhance the e-governance for good governance. Civil service has been the backbone and permanent government of the country which always facilitate to the state by delivering public service. Information and communication technology tools are being fundamental needs of government to precede its activities. The authors are trying to explore implementation of information and communication technology tools in service delivery. The researchers have applied survey research to collect primary data from civil servants of Nepal government and adopted quantitative research technique. The researchers concluded that adopting technology based administration and implemented information and communication technology tools and technique in the civil service made service delivery cheap, easy and fast. The researchers claim that restructuring of Nepal into a federal state has posed more challenges to government for implementing policies, plan and to deliver efficient services to general public using new technology. There is a need of huge leap-frog to make it ultra modern technology-based service provider as smart as of the developed countries, which is the major aspiration of the Nepalese people. Keywords - ICT Tools, E-governance, E-government, Public Service Delivery, Capacity Building.