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Design & Fabrication of Solar Integrated Electric Smart Bin

In recent times, garbage disposal has become a huge cause for concern in the world. A voluminous amount of waste that is generated is disposed by means which have an adverse effect on the environment. The common method of disposal of the waste is by unplanned and uncontrolled open dumping at the landfill sites. This method is injurious to human health, plant and animal lifewhen the waste is segregated into basic streams such as wet, dry and metallic, the waste has a higher potential of recovery, and consequently, recycled and reused.Even though there are large scale industrial waste segregators present, it is always much better to segregate the waste at the source itself. The benefits of doing so are that a higher quality of the material is retained for recycling which means that more value could be recovered from the waste.To achieve this we taught of developing a smart bin which would segregate the waste at the source itself. Keywords - Segregators, Smart bin.