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On-Board Geo-Tagging System for UAV’s

This paper addresses, on-board system for dynamic geo-referencing geo-graphic data using camera as payload to Geo-tag the potential captured image data. A python scripts is developed, that gathers data which contains vital information such as GPS data, capture timestamp and trigger-download data. The script derives input data into a modified Exchangeable Image File(EXIF) format for each frame of the image captured. The output data which will contain the geographic information of the image captured which can be retrieved for various mission significant application. It plays major role in aerial surveillance, Aerial mapping, object tracking and many more. This lead to developing an automatic system for image geo-tagging for a field of view of UAV above AGL. The system is designed to be suitable for surveillance purposes which imply presentation of position and other data transferred during flight. In this paper, we developed an open source system where all image geo-tagging is attained airborne where Raspberry Pi integrated with a camera for low cost. The algorithm obtained for geo-tagging helps in adding GPS information for each image captured during mission phase. Results show the algorithm is accurate to tag geo-location details for each frame of images. Keywords - Dynamic Geo-Referencing, Geo-Tagging, On-Board System