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A Typical L1/L2 LIG and Systems for C-N Coupling Reactions

Relatively undiscovered role of two pyridine-based ligands (N-((pyridin-2-yl) methyl) pyridin-2-amine) L1 and (N-((pyridin-2-yl) methylene) pyridin-2-amine) L2 has been explored in present work. C-N coupling reactions having extreme importance in Medicinal Chemistry and Academic importance has been examined in the presented work. Presented L1 and L2 comprising reaction methodologies are inexpensive, effective and environmentally benign in their properties and can be proved to be yardstick for future cross coupling reactions. Reference - Amol Taywade, Snehal Chavan, Avinash Ulhe & Baliram Berad (2018) Unique CuI-pyridine based ligands catalytic systems for N-arylation of indoles and other heterocycles, Synthetic Communications, 2018, 48:12, 1443-1453