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Digital SVC Controller to Analyze Performance of Electrical Distribution System

Electrical distribution systems are action large losses as the loads are wide spread , the quantity required reactive power compensation facilities and their improper control. A comprehensive static VAR compensator consisting of capacitor bank in five binary sequential steps in conjunction with a thyristor controlled reactor of smallest step size is employed in the investigative work. The work deals with the performance evaluation through analytical studies and practical implementation on an existing system. A fast acting error adaptive controller is developed suitable both for contactor and thyristor switched capacitors. It is elegant, closed loop microcontroller system having the features of self regulation in adaptive mode for automatic adjustment. It is successfully tested on distribution transformer on three phase 50 Hz, Dy11, 11KV/440V, 125KVA capacity and the functional feasibility and technical soundness are established. The controller developed is new, adaptable to both LT & HT systems and practically established to giving reliable performance. Keywords - Binary Sequential Switched Capacitor Bank, TCR, Nontriplen Harmonics, Step Less Q Control, Transient Free.