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Importance of Agricultural Business Management for Developing the Small and Marginal Entrepreneurs

Innovation and entrepreneurial activities play a key role in promoting rural economic progress. They are the crucial ingredients towards economic growth and job creation. Promoting these activities should take into account recent structural changes in agriculture and in rural communities. So in recent development plans of have been attended India to create and develop agribusiness SMEs, because of the vast context of agribusiness and its potential to develop enterprises. Much number of conditions affect on developing agribusiness. Identifying these conditions is essential to facilitate agriculture enterprise SMEs. We can categorized these conditions in three major environment including physical, economical and socio-cultural environment or as a different capital contain economic, social and environmental capital. All of these categories contain many different elements. One of this elements is management that acting as a coordinator of these capital in the best way to achieve the goal of business. This is a documentary and internet based study. It is a try to do meta-analysis the findings of the studies that they have been done in related subject to find conditions and a framework for agriculture -entrepreneurship. Keywords - Agriculture, Entrepreneurship, Agri-Business, SMEs, Sustainable Development.