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Women Entrepreneurs Breaking the Mould - Gruelling Challenges and Brewing Success

“When women move forward, the family moves, the village moves and then ultimately the Nation moves forward” said Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru during his regime. Entrepreneurship is considered the keynote areas for the development of women these days. This adds a lot to the power of human resource to the country at large. The concept of entrepreneurial development for women is an age old topic but has received much importance over decades. Past few years woman have been making notable achievements through their entrepreneurship skills. Like every coin that has two sides, entrepreneurship like every other concept has two sides of both equal opportunities and challenges to cope up with. We tend to perceive that economic development of the today’s women is crucial for economic development of any country particularly in India. Women entrepreneurs are observed to experience various economic and social problems due to culture and tradition being believed by the society. However, the contribution of woman entrepreneurs has become essentially important to the growth of the motherland. The present paper is penned down to take a quick glimpse at the opportunities and challenges connected with entrepreneurship that the women of our country face at present. There are several motivational and de-motivational factors that are studied with regard to women entrepreneurship in the Indian context also suggesting on how to eliminate the risk of facing existing hurdles. Keywords - Women Entrepreneurship, Challenges.