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Optical and FTIR Studies of Ti-doped ZnO Nanostructures Synthesized by Sol-Gel Method

Pure and titanium doped ZnO nanoparticles are synthesized by sol-gel method and doping effect of titanium on the optical properties of ZnO nanostrutures is studied at room temperature. It is observed that the reflectance spectra of the as-prepared Zn1-xTixO samples decreased near the excitonic absorption edge. The absorption edges in the UV region shift towards the lower wavelength with increasing the Ti more fractions in the pure ZnO, indicating increase in the band gap. The values of Eg for as-prepared samples, Zn1-xTixO, are 3.24, 3.28, 3.30, 4.06, and 4.01 eV, for x = 0, 0.16, 0.22, 0.31, and 0.48, respectively. The defects and impurities were investigated by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. The FTIR spectrum shows the characteristics absorption peak of ZnO at 444 cm–1, leading formation of ZnO nanostructures. Keywords - Sol-gel, Semiconductor, ZnO, Optical property, FTIR.