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Photovoltaic Cell Defect Detection in Solar Panel

The current trending tests are demonstrating advances in the materials and creative innovation of Photovoltaic (SOLAR) modules. Efficiency is likewise a fundamental issue for as of now introduced SOLAR modules since they were created utilizing a less performing technology. In this situation, symptomatic methodology ready to check the present condition of a strength of every single SOLAR cell expects a vital significance. This paper presents a thermography-based diagnostics ready to give a clear and unambiguous data, on account of a PC supported examination in light of the InfraRed (IR) investigation: the proposed technique, indeed, gives an excellent diagnostics (both in numerical and in a subjective frame) for every cell of the SOLAR module. Additionally, the paper proposes a product stage that actualizes the work process and consequently creates a report, so coming about a quick and powerful instrument for the experts of the Operation and Management. Keywords - Photovoltaic, Thermography, Diagnostics