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Harbouring ICT and Smartphone based Utilities in University Paradigm: A Case Study and Proposed Solution Set on Holistic Usage

The need for quantification of ICT tools and smartphone usage in academia led to a survey on the students of MIT-WPU on their personal usage of such resources for learning. Questions of the survey were oriented on basis of scientifically proven theories affecting learning in pupils such as Cognitive Retention and Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Results hence proved that aforementioned tools assisted knowledge grasp and retention to the extent of students willing to adapt their curricular needs around ICT tools rather than just using them as assists. On the other hand, side-effects of prolonged usage of electronic media were taken into account and balanced solutions were proposed. A solution set to the problem statement of, ‘How to effectively harbor use of ICT and electronic media in academia’ was made consisting of tried and tested tools along with new ones. Finally,importance of adoption of new age learning methodologies to pedagogy was enunciated along with proposed techniques to enhance classroom learning. Keywords - ICT Tools, Smartphone, Audio-Video, Learning