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Simplifying Online Transactions

The volume of online transactions has increased exponentially over the past decade, making security a major concern. We propose to use biometric system for validating online transactions, cutting down a number of steps and making them secure. With the proposed system, the first process implemented to save time is the Optical Character Recognition technology which reads the card number and the expiry using the webcam of the device. The next step is the face recognition system which again uses the webcam to capture an image of the user and verifies whether that person is an authorized user or not. Our aim was to make a system that is intuitive to use and so simple that you don’t even need to know how to use a Computer. Another objective of the system was to avoid entirely the unreliability of the One Time Password (OTP) system. (OTP is widespread in India and is communicated through SMS via cellular networks instead of the internet) Keywords - Online Transactions, Face Verification, Optical Character Recognition, Liveness, Biometric Security, Deep Learning.