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BS-MRP: Bandwidth based Secured Data Transmission in MANET

Mobile ad hoc networks are the collection of wireless nodes which communicate with each other either in single or multi hop without the support of centralized infrastructure. Their QoS parameters are dynamic topology, low bandwidth and high mobility. In existing multipath routing protocols, source finds multiple paths towards destination and data is transmitted via the shortest path with available bandwidth. A new protocol named as BS-MRP is proposed in which bandwidth is also considered as one of the parameters along with hop count. Open nature of wireless communication also enforces security vulnerabilities such as various attacks. To overcome such problem route discovery process is carried out in secured manner. Hence QRREQ (QoS Route Request) packet is flooded in the network with the bandwidth requirement X and security. Even though proposed protocol achieves bandwidth efficiency and security it fails to consider the important aspect of MANET such as mobility. Performance of BS-MRP protocol is evaluated in MANETs using the NS2 simulator and compared in terms of the metrics such as the packet delivery ratio, Throughput and routing overhead. Keywords - MANET, QoS, Routing, Multipath, security