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Detecting an Event and Identifying Influential Spreader on Social Media

Microblogs are the social media sites where people make short posts. Now-a-days, social media sites has become a new info station for users to obtain and interchange the most up-to-date information on current events. Subsequently, it is a vital platform for detecting new evolving events that are trending and gaining attention of most of the crowd. But identifying the influential spreader who have the potential to actively publish knowledge about events through these social media sites is important. There are some traditional event detection models which require human intervention to detect the number of topics to be discovered. But these traditional methods considerably reduces the efficiency and accuracy of event detection. Most existing methods focus on event detection and are not able to recognize influential spreaders or some important event, thus making it tedious to track some events in a timely manner. To address these problems a system is proposed which will detect the incidences happening on these social media sites and will identify the influential spreader, means the id or the post which is encouraging a particular event to happen. Keywords - Event Detection, Microblogs, Influential Spreader.