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A Study on Collective Self-Esteem and Socially Supportive Behaviours among Young Adults

In the current world, each person is often seen to be in a race to outpower the other person. In such situation social behaviours and social interactions play a vital role. This analysis is done on young adults aged between 20-30 years old who tend to be at the peak of maintaining their self-esteem or self-image. One contemplates his/her self-image mostly to look perfect to the outside world and also it can picture the support or help he/she gets from their social groups based on their behaviour. This study helps in understanding how one communicates and conducts themselves in a manner that pleases them as well as their social groups.This study also pertains to young adults of urban and non-urban groups as an independent variable as there can be a difference in the socially supportive behaviours of the people and their respective groups.Whether low or high self-esteem, it may influence their collective self-esteem and the social company they keep. The main objective is to know the difference in the collective self-esteem and the socially supportive behaviours one possesses of the varying areas. The present study is performed using a quantitative methodology with a non-experimental comparative design also known as correlational research design and propose to analyse my data using measures of central tendency, dispersion, correlation and t-test.The data for this study was collected by purposive sampling method. Reliable and valid scales such as CSE (collective self-esteem scale) and ISSB scale (Inventory of socially supportive behaviour) were used for this study. Keywords - Collective Self-Esteem, Social Behaviour, Socially Supportive Behaviour, Young Adults