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Energy Conservation and Management in Manufacturing Industry

The Industrial sector account for highest energy consumption in India, with a share of around 42% of total consumption. Towards the path of development, India is witnessing rapid progressing in industrial development due to which there is increase in energy demand. The increasing energy demand has forced the energy cost to rise. This energy cost is an important factor in manufacturing industries as it is directly associated with the cost of the product. Thus, energy efficiency improvement is an important factor in reducing the manufacturing cost and increase the earning in this highly competitive market. In order to optimize the energy input in manufacturing process variety of opportunities are available at individual plant level. Realizing the importance of energy conservation in industrial sector, various studies in different countries have taken up in several industries with a focus of energy conservation and management. This studies shows energy consumption, production trend, energy waste and energy conservation opportunities available in the industries by adapting suitable measures as discussed in study. Most of the measures are cost effective to be implemented and can be taken up for any manufacturing industry. This report is based on energy analysis of an Aluminum conductor manufacturing unit in Gujarat as a case study. A detailed energy analysis of the industry was carried out to identify the area of energy consumption, energy waste and area of improvement with recommended measures to enhance energy usage. Based on this energy audit, conservation measures that can be implemented at process and component level of a manufacturing process are suggested with expected saving in energy & energy cost. Typical measures in process optimization are provided with payback periods and reference to further information on the same. Further research can be taken on the economics of suggested measures for similar industry and their suitability to different production facility. Keywords - Manufacturing, Energy Efficiency, Energy Conservation, Energy Analysis, Energy Audit.