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Morphometric Analysis of Frontal Sinus Dimensions and Nasal Septum Pattern In Determining Ethnicity of Males in Mewat Region: A Radiological Anatomy Study

Objective: The present study was aimed to evaluate the importance of combined use of frontal sinus dimensions and nasal septum pattern in determining ethnicity of males in Mewat Region. Materials and Methods: The study was retrospective in nature and intended to measure dimensions on 50 digital radiographs (PA Caldwell’s View) of age group 20 to 50 years. The research protocol was approved by Institutional Ethical Committee. Digital radiographic films were collected from the hospitals located in Mewat Region. An inclusion criterion was taken as radiographs with good image quality and absence of any artifact. Radiographs of individuals with bilateral complete frontal sinus development were included while radiographs exhibiting pathology like e.g. mucous retention within the frontal sinus, aplasia (unilateral and bilateral) or rudimentary frontal sinus excluded from the study. Parameters measured were maximum height, width of right and left frontal sinus, pattern of nasal septum. Results: Out of 50 radiographs 2 were excluded from the study (1 frontal sinus aplasia and 1 unilateral frontal sinus). The final study involved 48 radiographs (N=55) of males belonging to Mewat Region. The mean values of maximum height and width were obtained along with nasal septum pattern. There were significant observations in average width and height of frontal sinus of males of Mewat as compared with other research studies. Conclusion: the results of the study favor the radiographic evaluation and frontal sinus dimensions and nasal septum pattern in determination of ethnicity.