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Design and Analysis of RMPA with Metamaterial For Wideband

A Rectangular microstrip patch antenna is designed with a hybrid shaped metamaterial structure at a height 3.2 mm from the ground plane. This paper show comparison between Rectangular microstrip patch antenna alone and Rectangular microstrip patch loaded with hybrid shaped metamaterial which results in enhancement in gain, bandwidth, Directivity and Return loss at same resonant frequency. The resonance frequency of the designed antenna is 2.1GHz.The 10 dB impedance bandwidth of the designed antenna is 31.10 MHz. The return loss of the antenna is reduced by 35 dB .This antenna is small size, cheap, compact and easy to fabricate, and achieve good radiation characteristics with higher return loss. This antenna may have many applications in great variety of wireless communication. Keywords - Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna (RMPA), Metamaterials, Bandwidth, Return Loss, NRW.