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Sustainable Logistics in Automobile Passenger Vehicle Manufacturing Organizations

Pollution is a big threat to environment and logistics is one of the major causes of pollution. The organizations are adopting sustainable practices to overcome this situation. This paper aim to study the various sustainable practices related to transportation, warehousing, packaging & reverse logistics being followed by organizations, its impact on organization’s performance and the barriers faced by them in implementing these practices. The related journals were reviewed and study was done in 200 organizations of manufacturing passenger vehicles including their supplier base. The questionnaires were prepared and tested for reliability & validation before circulation. The data collected were tested for normality and accordingly ANOVA and multiple regression tests were carried out using SPSS software. The results indicate that sustainable practices have positive impact of organizational environmental, economical and operational performance. The data also conclude that sustainable practices and barriers don’t have any influence of size of the organization Keywords - Sustainable Logistics, Environment, Transportation, Warehousing, Packaging & Reverse Logistics OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and SCP (Supply Chain Partner)