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Effect on Thermo Sensitive Secondary Metabolites of Rhododendron Arboreum Juice, Value Added with Ginseng and Aleo Barbadenis by Cold Pressed Method over Regular Centrifugation Method, their Quality Attributes and Sensory Acceptability

This study was conducted to prepare a Juice from (Rhododendron arboreum) petals value added with Ginseng and Aleo barbadenis. By two extraction methods Cold pressed and traditional centrifugation. The prepared product was evaluated for various quality attributes, physico-chemical functional properties, and sensory acceptability. The addition of Ginseng and Aleo barbadenis in extracted juice of Rhododendron arboreum effected positively to all the parameters. The Thermo sensitive secondary metabolites ascorbic acid, total anthyocyanins, total phenols were documented in Rhododendron flower petals by cold pressed method were sustained in the juice extract as compared to the regular centrifugation method, The ameliorate value has been drastically improved by value addition of Ginseng and Aleo barbadenis in Rhododendron arboreum extract. In concern of TSS, total sugars, reducing sugars, acidity, ascorbic acid, total anthocyanins and total phenols with slight increase in pH value over the storage of 7 days or so have been noticed. OAA Rhododendron juice ameliorated with Ginseng and Aleo barbadenis is of 25 percent. Keywords - Rhododendron Arboreum, Ginseng, Aleo Barbadenis, Thermo Sensitive, Secondary Metabolites, Cold Pressed Extraction, Traditional Centrifugation Extraction, Quality Attributes, Physico-chemical Functional Properties, Sensory Acceptability etc.