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Predicting Fuel Uplift for Aviation Fuelling Company

Aircraft fuelling operations are driven greatly by the fuel volume uplifted by each flight, however, there is no advance intimation on fuel volume that will be uplifted by the flights for these oil companies. There have been quite a few researches on predicting aircraft fuel consumption, most of which has been from the perspective of the airline companies and assumes information such as fuel onboard, reservation data to be available to predict fuel consumption. Such extensive information is not available with the aviation oil companies. This paper proposes a model using a linear regression model to predict the fuel volume using the minimum information available with the oil companies. The model uses variables that are a significant predictor of the outcome and has Adjusted & Multiple R-Square of 94%. The fuel volume prediction can considerably help in planning the operation and for inventory management especially relevant for bowser(tanker) operation. The study has been done on data provided by an aviation fuelling company for one of the busiest airports in India. The model is generic in nature and not specific to the case study company, and can be extended to other fuelling companies and airports worldwide. Keywords - Aviation, Fuel, Operation, Aircraft Fuelling, Regression Analysis