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Smart Shopping Trolley System for Super Market

Despite e-commerce, people want to buy many products just for their satisfaction in supermarkets and shopping centers. According to the survey, the average amount of time and money spent on each customer is high, especially in busy supermarkets. Traders are ready to purchase an intelligent machine that automates the billing process to reduce the labor and time involved in this process. The main goal is to make customers happy by shortening billing times. The billing process must be completed in the shopping cart instead of waiting for one or two products in the queue. The document presents an intelligent shopping cart that is very useful when shopping in supermarkets and solves problems such as waiting in long lines at the checkout, pulling the shopping cart while shopping and calculating the total cost of the items. That is why it offers the fastest shopping experience. Products After the product in the shopping cart has been scanned and completed, the final quantity is displayed in the shopping cart. The customer can pay the bill with his bank card or use the customer card that is pre-installed in the store. We have guaranteed theft protection and made it available to users who accidentally throw their products into the shopping cart when they are notified. Keywords - Shopping Trolley, Super Market, RFID