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Unconscious Learning of Second Language

Driving a car, riding a bicycle, learning a language are the premier examples of unconscious learning in the sense of not using any consciousness or cognitive sense, where major portion of the learning is by the proposition of unawareness, i.e. implicit learning. During the period of learning / non-period of learning, say for example during childhood, if a child happened to see a grammatically mistaken words of a hoarding every day or happened to hear a wrong phrase or group of words every day, obviously learns the same mistake from his surrounding environment and the same mistake is going to be continued throughout his life depending on some specific assumptions such that there is no opportunity for the child to realize what he is using is grammatically wrong. To my supposition, it is not a conscious learning process as the child hasn’t been paying any attention to the learning approach, hence in other words I can say that might be an unconscious learning process. Hereafter, this study aims to focus on the study of which process this exemplar belongs to. Conscious? Unconscious? or any novel sort of learning thing? Therefore, this paper is going to look into the relative theories involved in this paragon along with the knowledge sought during discussion. Keywords - Conscious, Learning, Unconscious, Attention etc.