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Post Placement Support Services for Skill Development Programs in India – A Case of Deendayal Upadhyaya Grameen Kausalya Yojana DDU-GKY

Post placement support services are important pillars of skill development programs in India since targeted beneficiaries of these program come from lower and poor sections of the society therefore, they lack basic support infrastructure. Study with more than 300 candidates, program staff and PIA have revealed that Affordable accommodation, Transportationbarriers, High costs of working, Budgetingchallenges, Unfamiliarity with the world of work, Lack of personal support and Lack of career ladder and further Skill Upgrade as key retention/post placement challenges for employed candidates. Some of these challenges are fully or partly related to individual situations and circumstances. Others are intensified by structural or systemic obstacles to a smooth transition from no work to wage employment.Survey has found many best practices in field which included Inbuilt incentives and community involvement are key differentiator in terms of successful placement strategies and failed programs. As a conclusion this paper proposesto government department to define and design service standards pertaining to post placement challenges which hinder candidate’s ability to keep the job for longer term.This study is based on field survey of more than 300 candidates and service providers. Keywords - Postplacement Services, Retention Challenges, Skill Development, Employment