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Design of 11x11 Ku Band Micro-Strip Planar Patch Array Antenna

This paper presents design of series and corner-fed micro-strip patch antenna array. The planar array is designed atKu-Bandwith11x11elements.Thedesigncanachievegain of 20.2 dbi and beam-width of 13.7° and 18.9° in E-Plane and H- plane respectively. The side lobe levels attained from this design is highly less about -22.8 dB in E-plane and -11.3 dB in H- plane and good return loss result of -33 dB. The Planar array configuration is with uniform spacing and uniform power division with elements radiating with single phase in broadside pattern. The substrate used is Taconic with dielectric constant 2.95 for the design and simulation of planar array. The array configuration consists of U-shaped and corner-fed configurations along its radiating and non-radiating edges respectively. U-shaped lines are used to reduce the inter-element spacing, thereby reducing the size of array. This design provides extremely good return loss, lower side lobe levels, moderate gain and appreciable beam-width with the utilized substrate and considerations. The array is simulated using CST Simulation Software. The simulation results in this paper are provided, which can be used as a technical reference for the practical engineering application. This array can be used for long range radar and W-LAN applications. Keywords - Linear Array, Micro-Strip Antenna (MSA) Array, Planar Array, Series-Fed Array, Corner-Fed Array