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Transformation of Cultural Heritage of the Women Post Marriage: A Maze of Identity

This project proposes to present the practices that women follow to sustain the transformation of their cultural heritage after marriage, which itself constitutes a Culture. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the transformation, hybridisation and conservation of women's cultural heritage after marriage. All of these adjustments impact the identity of women. Identity is one of the intangible part of the culture. A woman has to find her way to strengthen her identity or which can, by extension, be called her cultural identity. I seek to comprehend the dynamics of this cultural shift and deduce the feasibility of preservation and propagation of her own undiluted cultural heritage, through this research and the framework. Additionally, I intend to find the habits that the women inculcate in the process of hybridisation of cultural heritage and develop a shared cultural heritage, which ultimately constitute the Maze of Identity. It focuses on the questions which have been raised through the interviews, taken as a part of the research method. The project comprises of two main elements –one, the process of the research and the other one, the representation of the transcripts of the personal beliefs of the interviewees. Keywords - Identity, Women’s Cultural Heritage, Culture, Ethnicity, Acculturation, Memory, modification or Hybridization of cultural practices and Oral History.