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Resource Optimization of Large-Sized Resource Constrained Infrastructure Project using Elitist Genetic Algorithm

This paper aims at developing a methodology for resource optimization of mega infrastructure projects using elitist genetic algorithm as optimization tool. The resource constrained project scheduling problem (RCPSP) has received the consideration of numerous specialists since its general model can be utilized in a wide assortment of construction planning and scheduling applications. This paper exhibits a permutation based elitist algorithm which can be used for optimization of resources like manpower, equipments, materials for a mega infrastructure project like flyover construction. To develop a standard framework for optimization, resources in form of manpower have been optimized for the bridge project under study. After the successful running of the elitist genetic algorithm it has been observed that the daily requirement after optimization is13 number of manpower for the flyover project of Ahmedabad under study. But the time requirement is slightly increased to 32 days compared to optimized time of 31 days. On normal approach for completion of project more time and resources are required. Time requirement on normal approach is 40 days and maximum resource requirement per day is 13 number of manpower for resource option 1 and 15 number of manpower for resource option 2. Keywords - Optimization; Elitist genetic algorithm, Resource; Constraints, Infrastructure project