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Design and Analysis of a Three-Phase Grid-Connected Solar PV Inverter

In detail, the design and analysis of a three-phase grid-connected solar PV inverter have been discussed in this paper. An inverter provides an AC voltage from DC power sources and it is useful in powering electronic and electrical equipment rated at the ac mains voltage. Before designing the inverter, a mathematical model for the solar PV system coupled with perturb and observe MPPT algorithm designed to access the various characteristics of the Solar PV to which the inverter is sourcing the DC voltage. Considering the implementation area of this paper finding, a solar PV system is currently the most reliable energy source to address the energy crisis in Liberia. Liberia’s solar PV power offers high potential to stimulate economic growth. The last section of this paper presents an integrated system that allows the readers to understand the setup of a three-phase grid-connected inverter. As a Liberian student studying Master of Technology Power System at the Delhi Technological University, the findings from this paper will be proposed to the Liberia Electricity Corporation as a technical working road map for the implementation of a solar PV system coupled with an inverter that will supply power to the national grid during the summer season. Keywords - Photovoltaic (PV), Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT), Perturb & Observed (P&O).