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E-Bus a Sustainable Future

In order to curb down the increasing pollution the world is demanding innovative ideas in every field possible. This paper acquaints an idea of electric bus as a mode of transport that is fast and efficient than the conventional bus. The Electric Vehicle (EV) market is rapidly expanding with every passing year. With the advancement of technologies in the subject of Automation, Internet of Things(Iot), Data Analysis and Machine Learning can accelerate mode of public transit system. The overhead electric lines ensure to cover larger distances. With the concept of electric bus (E-Bus), travelling can be made more comforting; moreover, this will drastically reduce the air pollution as well as energy consumption. Use of low energy density batteries lowers energy consumption. Keywords – Electric Bus, Automation, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Data Analysis, Global Positioning System (GPS), Low energy Density Batteries, Pantograph, Fuel Cell, Hybrid.