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Colored Image Transmission using Visible Light Communication

There has been a sizeable increase in devices that come under the Internet of Things, such as smart phones, smart watches, etc. All these devices utilize some bandwidth in the Radio Frequency (RF) spectrum. This results in Spectrum Crunch in which the bandwidth is limited, and the spectrum cannot support the increased demand for high data rates and a large number of devices, and hence there is a lack of sufficient Radio Frequency. Due to this, there is a need for alternatives for wireless communication. One such potential technology that can cater to indoor communication in future systems is Visible Light Communication (VLC) (or Li-Fi). Our setup illustrates how a VLC link can be entrenched between two systems. The data rate achieved is 100bits/sec, and the range of transmission achieved is about 2 meters in a dark environment. With our prototype, devices are easily connected. Our setup allows one to carry out the transmission of text and images. Keywords - Visible Light Communication (VLC), Arduino, Light Emitting Diode (LED), Photodiode