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Does Emotional Intelligence Predict Personality and Perceived Competence in Professional Dancers?

Background: Although the portrayal of emotions is the essence of the performing art of dance, there's not much known about how emotional intellect operates or regulates other psychological aspects among individuals engaged in dancing as a profession. Objective: The present investigation meant to study if emotional intelligence predicted personality and perceived competence among professional dancers. Association between the three variables and gender differences on them were also examined. Method: One hundred fifty professional male and female dancers from the Tricity of Chandigarh, Panchkula, and Mohali (India) participated in the study. The subjects were administered Schutte Self Report Emotional Intelligence test, NEO Five-Factor Inventory, and Perceived competence subscale of Intrinsic Motivation Inventory. Analysis: As for statistical tools, correlation, t-test, and multiple-regression analysis were applied along with descriptive statistics. Findings: Results of the investigation revealed that emotional intelligence was positively related to the overall personality, dimensions of personality viz. extraversion, conscientiousness, and agreeableness as well as with perceived competence. Also, perceived competence correlated positively with one dimension of personality namely neuroticism. Emotional intelligence emerged as a predictor of different dimensions of personality and perceived competence. Furthermore, gender differences emerged on perceived competence and conscientiousness dimension of personality. Keywords - Dancer, Emotional Intelligence, Gender, Perceived Competence, Personality. Abbreviations - EI = Emotional Intelligence, PC = Perceived Competence