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Decentralized Shopping Website using Blockchain

Technology has become an integral part of our life these days. An online shopping website is a system where the customer can search for a variety of desired products provided by the owner. After selecting the desired products the customer is then asked to provide their details (eg. Address, UPI id, bank details). It is very important for the service provider to keep customer details secured. There has been a lot of cases regarding cybercrime where hackers hacked the customer details and have withdrawn money from the customer's bank account. Blockchain in shopping websites provides a very secure way to carry out the transactions and makes the entire system more accountable and trustworthy from the point of view of customers. Blockchain makes the communication between the service provider and client more secure, as there is no involvement of any third party. Blockchain in shopping cart reduces the transaction fee which can vary from 1% - 3%, also reduces the number of days taken for any transaction. Keywords - Blockchain, Shopping website, Low cost, Fast Transaction, Secure.