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Study of Open Web Bridge for Navigational Spans on Big Rivers

Todays every country is trying to find an alternative of road transportation and Inland waterways are one of the best alternative of road transport because they are already existed in nature .To develop these national waterways very less amount of investment is required as compare to national highways or expressways. The Government of India is also planning to develop these Inland waterways to increase the efficiency of transportation of goods and passenger, and to decrease the extra load of vehicle from roadways. For the fulfillment of this project the bridge which comes in the path of these waterways are need to be designed as per the guideline of IWAI. According to IWAI guideline the minimum horizontal and vertical spacing required in between two piers is 30m for type1 rivers and max upto 100m for type7 river. In this study we done designing and analysis of 40m, 50m, and 60m open web girder bridge and compare the maximum forces in members. From this study we can conclude that open web girder bridge are sustainable option for navigational spans. Keywords - IWAI, Piers, Girder, Bridge