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Detection of Pandemic nCoV-19 using the Advance Concept of Artificial Intelligence

International community has been gripped with fear of the novel Corona virus (nCoV19), Which was firstly reported in Wuhan, China in the end of the last decade which turn out to be an global epidemic. It’s a high time since 2009 when WHO (World Health Organization) has declared such a virus outbreak an Epidemic. As infection is spreading globally, different countries around the global are struggling to contain the epidemic. Our study helps in Detection of the nCov-19 using the advanced concept of Decision tree. Decision Tree help to decide whether the person is the suspect of the novel corona virus after studying all the symptoms of the patient which helps authorities to decide during screening of the patient. This study will help the authorities and traveler to get the fast screening without waiting for reports and all the checkups. Keywords - nCoV-19(Novel Corona Virus), Artificial Intelligence, Decision Tree, Global-epidemic, S-Susceptible E-Exposed I-Infectious R-Removed.