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ECG Signal Morphology and Arrhythmias

The morphological study of the electrocardiogram (ECG) deals with the interpretation of ECG waveforms. Our heart generates electrical signals which we used to calculate heart activity. The electrical signals of the heart are transformed into waveforms which are used to measure various heart conditions. We have various techniques that we used to analyze and classified the ECG signals. The major goal of this paper is to evaluate whether ECG waveforms with the help of language python and by this we can study the morphology of the electrocardiogram. ECG morphology is studied by taking various data of different ages person and then by plotting in graphical form. The basic functioning of ECG is to carry out the electrical activity of the human heart. Due to any reason, heart functioning becomes abnormal. We have a sample of the original graph of heart; if the heart starts dysfunctioning we will compare the resultant graphical waveform with the sampled one. We have P, Q, R, S, T points having their own significance. Keywords - Electrocardiogram, Python, Arrhythmias