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Analysis and Design of Mechanically Stabilized Reinforced Earth Wall

Soil containment systems are very important elements for any highway design. Over the last 20 years , various forms of soil reinforced walls have developed. For several years, the supporting structures have been constructed of reinforced concrete. The cost of traditional retaining walls increases exponentially with an increase in wall height. Strengthened earth walls are cost-effective soil retention systems and can withstand large settlements than standard concrete retaining walls. Because of this, reinforced earth technology has largely replaced traditional concrete retaining structures. Geo-grid reinforced earth retaining wall systems have been generally recognised. Present research deals with study, design and development of the back to the back of the RE wall.At present, observations were made during the construction of the RE wall carried out by TECHFAB INDIA LTD to ensure knowledge of the architecture of the RE wall. The research and design of the RE wall was carried out on the basis of the following FHWA – 043 code and BS: 8006. Keywords - Stabilized, Reinforced Earth Wall, RCC Wall, Structures, Soil, design and Cost and Quantity.