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Influence of Leadership Style on the Job Attitude of Employees in Indian Telecom Sector - A Proposed Model

Telecommunication sector in India is growing rapidly, and with it are growing the unprecedented challenges. The world’s second largest telecom market is in India. Leadership definitely plays an important role, when we talk about this sector. Telecommunications industry in India is a customer driven industry, serving the consumers over and above the expectations of the employees. With emerging of Jio Telecommunications, this sector has become highly competitive, forcing the major players to build strategies to gain the loyalty of the consumers, by giving those consumers benefits beyond the profits. Leadership really becomes imperative in telecommunication sector and its impact over job attitude of employees. The present study emphasizes on the three different variables of the job attitudes of the telecom sector employees, job satisfaction, job commitment and job turnover intentions and the overall job attitude, which is implicated by positive job attitude and negative job attitude. Here, the relationship of leadership styles and job attitudes is extensively studied through literature. Literature has been reviewed extensively to explain the variables of the study and based on that, a model has been proposed presenting the relationship between leadership styles and job attitudes. Keywords - Indian Telecom Sector, Job attitude, Leadership style