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Understanding Social Media Platform usage by Campus Placement Departments

Social media marketing platforms have its presence in almost all functional areas of all organizations in all industries and have direct or indirect impact on the organization. In contemporary time SMM’s (Social Media Marketing) has seen significant uses of in recruitment processes. Recruitment process practices have many types which are broadly divided into internal & external recruitment. In External recruitment practice campus placement is one of the important types for many companies and it is a part of strategic HR decisions. In this paper it is tried to understand the uses of social media platforms from TPO’s (Training and placement Officer) and campus placement departments of an education institute which offer campus placement assistance to their students. An unpretentious attempt has been made in this research work to understand the uses of social media marketing platforms by campus placement department/ TPO’s of an educational institute. Keywords - Campus Placements, Social Media, Online Campus Placement Process, Campus Placement Strategy, TPO’s (Training and Placement Officer).