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Women Education and Empowerment in India

Education is considered as one of the important tools for the sustainable development of any society and women are a pivotal and indispensable part of it. In India, women’s education has become a major milestone for their empowerment as educated women can also play a very important role inside as well as outside towards the development of the country. Women’s education is an educational initiative that has been embraced by our country. Today our nation is continuously empowering women to access quality education because women and girls’ education is essential not only to promote gender equality but also to address the full spectrum of 21st century challenges. India has been developing women’s education by implementing new policies, programs, schemes and recommendations in favour of women to facilitate quality education. Women have also been improving their education. However, it is not sufficient for the needs of the nation and it is not as equal as men’s pace of development. But, in spite of having such new policies and programs, women of our country remain far behind from men in the field of education. This paper is conducted using meta-analysis of various studies , observation and by the method of literature reviews following a variety of recently published articles, researches, data related to education, government reports, women’s rights and gender inequality to finding out a number of common challenges, issues, problems and barriers which are preventing women from accessing quality education. This paper also highlights some very simple and unique strategies, methods, techniques and solutions to provide quality education for women as an indicator of effective human rights. Keywords - Education, Equality, Government Schemes, Women’s Empowerment