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Comparison of U Slotted Microstrip Antennas for C Band and S Band Wireless Application

Comparison two microstrip antenna and both antenna's frequencies are the same range which is lies from 3GHz to 7 GHz a central frequency as 6 Ghz select for designing, and design two antennas of different U Slot after simulation by IE3D software one antenna range in C Band application and another one Applicable for S Band. the material used for testing antennas are Glass Epoxy (FR4),and analyze by the Network Analyzer .The dimension of radiating element is adjusted to achieve desired resonant frequency. Coaxial probe feeding technique is used for its simplicity, the different characteristics obtains. These characteristics are efficiency, bandwidth, directivity, and gain of microstrip antenna and can be increased by some changes in structure with cutting slot. The bandwidth is found as 57.85% and the return loss as -19.5dB for antenna 1 and the next bandwidth is71% which is higher than antenna 1 Keywords - Bandwidths, Return Loss, Glass Epoxy, Efficiency, VSWR.