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Exhaust Emission Analysis of Diesel Engine Running on 20% Blends of Mahua Biodiesel

Due to higher prices and environmental pollution of fossil fuel, there is the requirement of alternative fuel. In this search, biodiesel is securing everyone’s consideration in recent years. But still, there are some issues with the use of biodiesel in the diesel engine. The present paper deals with the investigation of use 20% blends of mahua biodiesel in a diesel engine at different load conditions.. Results were calculated and then compared with diesel in the term of performance parameters and composition of emission compounds. The results indicate that the carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbon (HC), CO2 and smoke produced by M20 (mahua 20% blend) are lower than pure diesel (D100). The brake thermal efficiency (BTE) was lowest with M20. The D100 exhibits the lowest brake specific fuel consumption. Also, M20 produce more NOx than diesel. Also, EGT (exhaust gas temperature) is lower for M20 in comparison with D100. Keywords - Biodiesel, Emission, Performance and Mahua