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Analysis and Design of Multi-Storey Building

As a sequel to this an attempt is made to analyze and design a Multistoried building by using a software package staad pro. For analyzing a multi storied building one has to consider all the possible loadings and see that the structure is safe against all possible loading conditions. There are several methods for analysis of different frames like kani’s method, cantilever method, portal method, Matrix method. The present project deals with the analysis of a multi storeyed residential building of G+6 consisting of 5 apartments in each floor. The dead load &live loads are applied and the design for beams, columns, footing is obtained STAAD Pro with its new features surpassed its predecessors, and compotators with its data sharing capabilities with other major software like AutoCAD, and MS Excel. Keywords - Analysis of Structure, Concrete Frame Structure, Design of all Structure Elements, Loads Calculation, Reinforced Concrete.