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Use of Bamboo in Reinforcement

This study presents the evaluation of the feasibility of the use of Bamboo as reinforcement in concrete members. In this study the Bamboo was used as a reinforcing material without any treatment and stirrups. the early times Bamboo is used as a construction material. The Bamboo is used in both technical as well as non technical ways. Our ancestors used Bamboo in the construction of the houses. The Bamboo was used as the struts, posts, roofs etc in the construction of the houses. Now a day’s concrete are used as the basic materials for the construction works. The concrete is good in compression but weak in the tensile strength. So steel is used as reinforcement in the concrete to achieve the tensile strength. Due to the advantageous characteristics of Bamboo, in the last few years, studies have been made on the use of Bamboo as structural material and reinforcement in concrete. The main obstacle for the application of Bamboo as a reinforcement is the lack of sufficient information about its interaction with concrete, strength and durability. Keywords - Bamboo Reinforced Concrete, Bamboo, Corrosion, Flexural Strength, Economical.