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An Overview on Waste Plastic Utilization in Asphalting of Roads

The quantum of plastic waste in municipal solid waste (MSW) is increasing due to increase in population, urbanization, development activities and changes in life style which leading widespread littering on the landscape. Thus disposal of waste plastic is a menace and become a serious problem globally due to their non-biodegradability and unaesthetic view. Since these are not disposed scientifically & possibility to create ground and water pollution. This waste plastic partially replaced the conventional material to improve desired mechanical characteristics for particular road mix. In the present paper developed techniques to use plastic waste for construction purpose of roads and flexible pavements has reviewed. In conventional road making process bitumen is used as binder. Such bitumen can be modified with waste plastic pieces and bitumen mix is made which can be used as a top layer coat of flexible pavement. This waste plastic modified bitumen mix show better binding property, stability, density and more resistant to water. Keywords - Plastic Waste, Non-Biodegradability, Bitumen mix.