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Poor Highway Drainage System

This study is carried out to review various research works carried out by researchers on the effects of poor drainage on road pavement. Poor drainage causes early pavement distresses leading to driving problems and structural failures of road as pointed out by researchers. To prevent or minimize premature pavement failures and to enhance the road performance, it is imperative to provide adequate drainage. The review covered: importance of highway drainage system in road construction, requirements of highway drainage system, and effects of bad drainage system on roads. The research pointed out areas of concern for drainage designers and road engineers that are of great importance during road construction to ensure that, the constructed road is put to use without failure before the actual design life. The review concluded that effect of poor drainage condition on a road is very adverse. It causes the failure of road in different ways and as well economic hardship on inhabitants of affected communities with devastating effect of sicknesses as a result of breeding of mosquito especially on streets in towns with poor drainage capacity. Proper drainage system provided to the road increases the life of roads. But the improper drainage system causes the failure of the road at its early edge. Therefore effective engineering practices should be considered necessary during design, construction and management of roads and drainage channels. Keywords - Poor, Drainage, Road, Pavement, Construction, Accident, Highway, Geometry