Paper Title
Big Data Analysis

As the world uses data in every aspect of life, there are still critical areas that have to be exhaustively assessed to improve its use to benefit the society. Big data analysis helps in making critical decisions across the world. Finding solutions and computer programs that adapt to the information and mimic creative models in analyzing data has been pertinent in shaping the future of big data analysis. An examination of gaps and critical areas that have to be analyzed in big data still remain critical issues. Aspects such as storage and processing as well as cyber security point to the models that need to be developed and advanced in data analytics moving forward. Objective use of big data in problem solving; point to the potential strengths and measures that can be used in changing the current dynamics within the space. This paper assesses different dynamic in data analytics that points to the conditions and position that is taken across the global systems developed in addressing the challenges faced accordingly. Keywords - Big Data, Computer Program, Future Shaping, Cyber Security, Program Solving, Global Issues.