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Magnetohydrodynamic Free Convection Flow between Two Heated Vertical Parallel Plates in the Presence of Magnetic Field

The problem of unsteady viscous incompressible MHD free convection flow of an electrically conducting fluid between two heated vertical parallel plates in the presence of a uniform magnetic field applied transversely to the flow is considered. The induce field along the lines of motion varies transversely to the flow and the fluid temperature changing with time. An analytical solution for velocity, induced field and the temperature distributions are obtained for small and large Magnetic Reynolds numbers. The skin-friction at the two plates is obtained. Velocity distribution, induced field and skin-friction are plotted graphically against the distance from the plates. It has been observed that with the increase in , the Magnetic Reynolds number, at constant , the Hartmann number, leads to an increase in the skin-friction gradually. But with the increase in , at constant , the skin-friction decreases. Keywords - Fully Developed Flow; Conducting Fluid; Induced Field; Skin-friction; Magnetic Reynolds Number.