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Syllable Structure in Limbu Language

Abstract - This paper presents a view on syllable and the syllabic structure of Limbu language which is spoken in Sikkim state of India and Nepal. The paper expresses the basic concept of Syllable and it is shown with the help Limbu language. The Limbus are one of the earliest inhabitants of Sikkim and belongs to the splinter group of Kirati Himalayan race. Limbu is one of the languages belonging to the sub-group of Himalayan Kirati language of Tibeto-Burman Language Family.A sequence of phonemes with one peak of sonority is called a syllable. Being the higher unit than the speech sound (i.e. phoneme), the syllable is made up of one or more than one speech sound. Speech sounds are either vowels or consonants. Limbu language have monosyllabic words, disyllabic words, trisyllabic words and tetrasyllabic words. We find that both the vowel ending and consonant ending syllabic words are there in the language.