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A Theoretical Model to Measure Impact of Parents‟ Involvement on Academic Achievement of Adolescents

Adolescence is a critical stage where children turn into young adults and undergo many physical, hormonal and emotional changes. It has been noted that adolescents often face lack of interest in studies or decline in grades due to these rapid changes and thus it has always been an endeavor of educators and researchers to find ways to help adolescents improve their academic achievements. Parents being a crucial part of their life play a pivotal role in guiding them for achieving their academic goals. The aim of this paper is to put forth a model which would help to measure the impact of parents’ involvement in their child’s academic achievement. It would also be helpful in identifying constructs of parents’ involvement which would be most valuable in facilitating adolescents to achieve better academic results. The paper would not only give insight into adolescents’ perception but also help parents to understand adolescents’ requirement and may work towards involving themselves for optimum results. Keywords - Parents’ Involvement; Academic Achievement; Adolescents.